Girl Vs Man repairs car on highway, a social experiment


Some people try to perform different types of social services in the environment where they live. Most of the times, they have to assist the needy persons in their community. They feel satisfaction during the performance of those services.

Different types of such services are reported by the media which are being performed by the people in different countries of the world. According to the reports of media, a girl was doing a social experiment on one of the busiest highways of the city. She was trying to repair a car on the highway.

It is a matter of reality that such activities are not performed by everyone in our environment. Many people hesitate to perform such activities. They think that these are the responsibilities of the professional persons only. They are not supposed to work on the public places.

The activities of the girl were captured by one of the pedestrians who were present there. Someone has uploaded the video clip of the experiments of the girl on social media. In fact, she had become a tool of entertainment for the general public. She was just trying to amuse the people by doing such activities.


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